31 October 2012

My Insanity

Scabs issued an insanity challenge.  And I'm not talking about that die-hard workout program.   If you don't read her blog, she periodically talks about the way insanity can get a hold of her, and to help prevent that she has personified her insanity.  Her contest was for her readers to do the same.  I thought (or rather Sparrow thought), what better thing to do on Halloween than post my insanity. 

Insanity has the pathetic and whiny voice you might expect from a three year old. She is over indulgent and entitled. She never wears the same thing twice. She is the jealous type and she's so possessive of me. She is the kind of friend that makes promises about where we'll go and what we'll do together and never keeps them. She is always insulted and wears a perpetual pout. Despite my efforts to displace her, she is there in the background trying to make herself the center of attention. Her very presence robs me of confidence. She has a doll face that's somewhere between attractive and synthetic. With perfectly manicured fingernails she pops my balloons of optimism with pleasure, and smirks as my countenance deflates. She is a condescending elitist who boasts of her superiority in everything. Yet she reeks of insecurity and fear. With a total lack of empathy she sees nothing but what the world isn't providing for her.
Insanity takes me out on the town and I get high on hate and drunk with bitterness. The next morning I'm hungover with a headache of hopelessness and blurred vision of perspective. Meanwhile insanity complains about how I'm no fun and how miserable she is.
She manipulates me by insisting she is the only one who loves me, although she is incapable of love, and that I owe her my loyalty and I can never abandon her. She is paranoid and suspicious and tells me
"Don't betray me or I will eat your broken heart for breakfast."


  1. Positively wicked Jane...I'm just itching to post mine.
    I can totally relate to the hungover feeling.Ugh!

    Happy Halloween....enjoy some fun with the kiddos!

  2. This is fun! Im trying to see who i can get permission from to post their Insanity submissions too. She is scary!

  3. Great imagery. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks Jane.