03 October 2012

Weapons in My Private Cognitive Warfare


So, in an effort to keep the bird from building a nest on my head, I came up with some simple, but meaningful phrases.  I want to memorize these, take them with me everywhere for awhile, until I can pull them up into my consciousness whenever my negative, self-pitying, critical thoughts start to take hold.  This is an experiment of sorts I guess.  Has anyone else tried something like this? I got the idea from Mara's post.

Many of these came from quotes or ideas from others, so I've cited those sources at the bottom.  I tried to make the statements concise and rhythmic.  We'll see...

  • I need not depend on others to validate my worth.
  • I need not prove my worth.1
  • I need only compare myself as I am and as I used to be.2
#2- LOVE
  • I can make room for empathy by letting go of shame and guilt.
  • I can love others as a reflection of God's love in me.
  • I can be true to my faith, and a blessing to others regardless of their faith.3
#3- PETE
  • I can demonstrate admiration.
  • I can reciprocate love through affection.
  • I will not let my soul be sorrow's home.4
  • I will not be blind to the goodness of those who surround me.
  • I am loved by God the way I am, but loved too much to be left this way.5  
  • I can give up the charade of my righteousness.6
  • I can choose love over esteem, kindness over recognition.7
  • I can see that my personal need for the Savior is not affected by what others have or have not done. 8

1. Marjorie Pay Hinckley
2. Courage to Change: One Day at a Time - I NEED this book.  I hear good quotes from it all the time at group meeting. 
3. Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Jewish Imperative
4. S. Michael Wilcox - Sunset - The exact quote reads: "The soul was not made by God to be sorrow's home. He would have us happy."
5. Brad Wilcox - his words I'm referencing here are from a different presentation not available online.
6-8. James L. Ferrell - Falling to Heaven


  1. I love this list! If you don't mind I am going to print it off and put it in my recovery notebook. Jane you are such a blessing:)

    1. Amen ! Sparrow said it beautifully.