04 May 2012

Fulness of Joy

This quote could quite possibly be my favorite quote from the 12-step manual. So far anyway.  It is Enzio Busche who is fast becoming a personal hero to me.  (See here and here.) It is found in Appendix 1. 

"Many who have not come to a state of spiritual awakening, may, in fact believe that circumstances are the deciding factor in happiness...We alone decide where it is that we stand on the continuum between total frustration and complete fullness of joy."

I've been on the end of total frustration, I'm sure anyone reading here has been.  And I'm also sure I've felt a complete fullness of joy. 

But most of the time, I'm somewhere between, sometimes feeling oh so close to the fulness of joy, as if it is just out of reach.  There are a few things that close the gap for me; a loving moment with one of my children, a tender mercy that reminds me of God's love,  total exhausting laughter with friends

and this song. 

I'm not sure why, but in the right circumstances it fills me peace, hope and joy.  Maybe it is because it reminds me that as a child I felt joy, and I have dreams of more joy to come.  Or maybe it is that I long to live a life that I can look back on with contentment and gratitude.  I dunno.  But I love it. 

(This isn't my favorite arrangement of the song, but it was what I could find.  I've been sharing lots of songs lately, I guess music is just sometimes the thing that makes life better. Does anyone actually watch/listen?)

Have a good weekend.  Pete recently decided that he might benefit from a 30- day sexual abstinence.  We had already booked a cabin in the woods for a romantic getaway so we are going forth with our plans.  Ever heard of a romantic getaway with no sex?  You have now.  On the blog of a WoPA. 

Feeling love for you all today!



  1. I would love to go on a getaway without the expectation of sex!! I love that quote too and I love all the songs you post, keep them coming!

    - J

  2. i closed my eyes and listened! And I think Pete has the right idea. A little fasting never did anyone any harm.

  3. Haven't listened yet but I will. And that sounds awesome. What a great thing to have no expectations. I wish my husband would suggest something like that.

  4. :D Happy getaway! Just think of all the talking and connecting you can do! Sounds lovely, and I hope you two can keep it clean. ;)