11 May 2012

Check HER OUT!

If you haven't already discovered April's blog, you MUST go there today and read this post

Okay, that's a little co-dependent of me.  No more making demands.

I would like to INVITE you to read this post by April, because I think it is the turning point that can set you free.  And when you are feeling burdened by your husband's load, or frustrated with his behavior or lack of behavior, or when he is hurting you, or when you need strength, or when you feel like begging, groveling, or manipulating, READ IT AGAIN.  And again.  Print it off and keep it in your pocket.  (I've done that before with inspiring words.) 

And while you're there, read this one, if you haven't already.  If you doubt that the Savior can heal you or your husband (but especially YOU), think again.   It could possibly be my favorite WoPA post ever. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. Jane, April knows just the right words. I think I started to have that insight about three weeks ago and then the thread on the board was defiantly that moment of clarity for me.And now things are so much better. You see everything in a different light. thank you for encouraging her to share it again on her blog.

  2. Olives and jane! You're both so brave and strong! Thanks for the encouragement...we have been able ro help to help so many women already. I like being able to pay it forward...there are so many wonderful women who have helped me.