31 May 2012

Quick Note

I know there are women out there who struggle with an addiction to pornography.  I am not sure if any read this blog, but I just felt compelled to say that I do not mean to be insensitive or ignorant to your perspective. 

I know when I write here I imply that it is always the husband who is the addict and the wife who is the [non] victim.  That is the simplest way for me to write, but I often catch myself thinking from only that paradigm.

I am aware that this is not always the case.  My heart goes out to anyone, woman or man, who desires a different life than the one they are living in the bonds of addiction.  I hope I have not offended or frustrated anyone by the language I use here.  But it is what I know, it is the situation I am familiar with, and so it is the most comfortable perspective for me, keeping in mind that it is a generalization and not true to every other situation. 

My apologies if you have felt ignored or disregarded. 

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