01 October 2013

No Ordinary People

I've recently returned from another Camp Scabs.  These retreats blow my mind.

How is it that a woman can get on a plane and fly to a city to spend a weekend with perfect strangers, and yet in those 48 hours share the most intimate details of her life?

Because the brave souls open their hearts first.  And they are met with a response so full of love, compassion and acceptance that the room feels sacred, and possibly the most safe place on earth.

I can not come up with adequate words to express my gratitude for the opportunities I have to meet remarkable women.  But the truth is, I believe we are all remarkable, we are just too inhibited by fear, and misunderstood by false ideas to be noticed. 

I love you all. Share your story. Reach out. Own your truth.  Be brave. 


  1. My heart breaks that I wasn't there. I thought of all of you (even the ones I don't know) all weekend. It's like I could feel the camp scabs magic spilling over the state line.

  2. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it.

  3. Teary eyed now. It was incredible. Each woman there is incredible. Women are incredible & brave. I am grateful for the opportunity to know so many brave women. I hope I can teach each of my children to be brave individuals. And this pic...just goes to show you how really beautiful vulnerable is. It is beautiful. Touching. Refreshing. And helps bring forth light and heal.

  4. so true. we are each so remarkable. I didn't really know that about myself before camp scabs. But now i do... and i believe it about all women.