10 June 2012

My girl Scabs

A word about April.  I know I can share this in total love and I know she knows it because we've talked about it. 

But when I first saw "Eat My Scabs" comment on a post on A Blog About Love I was curious. 

Is she for real? Is she incredibly bitter? I read her blog, and truly it was hard for me. 

But I kept reading, and this is one of my tips about "Navigating the WoPA Blogs." 

Don't ever give up on someone.

I hope that someday there are SO many blogs we can't read them all.  At that point we'll simply have to narrow it down.  But if you can read every woman's story with love, recognizing that we are all trying to handle some really awful situations, and withhold judgment, stick it out.

I have stuck it out with Scabs and she has become one of my most admired women.  She is wise, and mature.  She is also boldly honest and candid.  She has been to Hell and back. 

I absolutely love her. 

So while I now affectionately refer to her as Scabs, I recognize that at first it's a brash title.  Don't discredit her, or anyone else.  She is remarkable. 

**POST EDIT:  I still want to go ahead and share this, on the off chance that one more person will read April's blog who isn't already.  But I don't mean to come across as self-important, or imply that she needs my endorsment in any way.  Really it's me who needs HER endorsement. :) Love you Scabs.


  1. I love Scab's blog too. She is exceptional because she can make a name like Scabs feel warm and friendly. :) I felt shy commenting on her blog so I emailed her to establish a connection. She has been so welcoming and inclusive. Plus she is funny and says words like "rad" often. If you are reading this Scabs (wink, wink), I'm so glad to have met you and call you my friend.

    1. Scabs really is incredible! I totally admire her -- everything from her warm personality, to her amazing writing!

  2. Ahhhhhh, yeeeeeeah! Scabs rocks my world. And you are an amazing lady yourself, Miss Jane! Shout out to both you ladies! And Marlee and HX too. WOOT!

  3. Jane, I adore u! Thank you for your sweet words and thanks for coming on my ride. I know it's not easy to read. But scabs is my name. :)

  4. What was I saying in that last comment?! Haha! In my defense I was on running up the stairs to work while I read it. What I meant to say was thank you. You have always been so warm and inviting to me. When I came on the blog scene I was unsure of how i'd fit in if my rambles would make any sense or if i'd be able to reach out and make friends. You have been so inclusive. Thank u

    I think it was angel that said she stared at my scabs link for weeks afraid of what she'd find. But i'm so lucky you guys did click my link! Thanks for being part of my story.