25 January 2012

What brings you here?

I write this blog for women like me.  (Or men like my husband.)

That's it. 

I am not trying to earn money with this blog.  You will notice there are no ads. 

I am not trying to gain fame.  It's anonymous. 

I don't care if there is only one reader or 100. 

I write because it helps me, and I write with the hope that it will make someone else's burden lighter, knowing I am here.

I welcome anyone who wants to read.  I also welcome anyone's comments.  But please be respectful of our feelings and our situation.   Please don't make judgements.  In our group meetings we talk about it being a "safe" place.  None of us are worried about being physically abused at group meeting- but we are worried about being criticized or rebuked. 

Please let this be a safe place for me, and others, to express my thoughts. 

**If you do not find yourself in a marriage to an addict, or as an addict- what brings you here?


  1. I am not even sure how I found your blog, but it is so good for me to read about it. We have struggled with pornography addiction for our entire marriage (15 yrs). My husband hasn't been an "active" addict all those years, he will do well for a couple of years but it creeps back in after a while. But we are in a very good place right now. he has been clean for 2 years and is going to meetings regularly. We are totally transparent and talk about it regularly. I am almost ready to talk to others about it because I see so many struggling and I would have loved someone to approach me and let me talk about it. My husband is a good man with a terrible addiction. There are so many good men out there who are struggling with this. It is Satan's way of tearing apart families and marriages. I WILL NOT let him win with my family!

  2. can I say the font on your blog is somewhat hard to read? Not trying to be critical, just saying I am having a hard time reading it.

  3. @ Anonymous #1- Thanks for your words. I just want to shout AMEN! I'm always thirsty for optimism, so thank you for sharing yours.

    @ Anonymous #2- Thanks for the feedback. I think you're right.