01 February 2014

Camp Time & Story Time

Sooooo it's time for another Camp Scabs- or three!

There will be two sessions in Salt Lake City in March - see here:

I know those two are filling up fast, and I have a personal connection to the Island Park camp so I'm going to share a little bit about that one.

I have a dear friend who I shared my story with about a year ago.  She has been an amazing support.  I've only ever told two other "real life" friends and neither have been as compassionate, proactive and accepting as this friend.  She has educated herself so she could better understand, she has taken up the cause in her own community and she has felt strongly that there needs to be a camp in Island Park. She won't be attending camp but she has pulled some strings to make it more affordable and just really amazing.

It's close to Rexburg, about an hour away and I know that some of you dear WoPA are from eastern Idaho. It's about four hours from Salt Lake (in case either of those weekends don't work out) and five hours from Boise. It will be on Thursday April 10 to Saturday the 12th.

Please come. Read more about what we do at camp here and here.  If you are interested or have any questions email me hisstrugglemystruggle @ gmail dot com


I have a fabulously inspiring and proactive WoPA friend who has started a blog of sharing stories.  If you would be willing to write your story, or if you would just like to read others, go here.

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