14 April 2012

Quick Note

I just want to clarify a quick thing.  I look forward to exchanging correspondence with anyone who is lonely and looking for support.  But I hope no one feels like you have to have a blog to be part of our "support network." 

Blogs are great for expressing feelings, sharing, and finding support.  But if you don't consider yourself a "blogger" don't be discouraged, I am still here and appreciate your comments, emails and the support you offer just by being here. 

To those who have started blogs, thanks for sharing and I hope they are helpful to you and others.  I look forward to reading your experience, strength and hope. 


  1. Agreed. It's nice to connect with people over blogs, but emailing with some of you has been so rewarding as well.

  2. I really appreciate your blog...I just started my own and hope to glean some of the wisdom from all of you...so grateful I found you!