27 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

My family has a tradition on Thanksgiving where everyone writes down a few things they are grateful for and puts them in a glass pumpkin.  After the feast, we pass the pumpkin around and take turns reading them, and then guessing who wrote them.

This year as a joke Pete and I started listing the things we were grateful for that wouldn't be appropriate for the glass pumpkin.  I'll give you the pleasure of guessing which of us said them.

- I'm grateful for the long lasting friendships I've made with sex addicts this year.

- I'm grateful for good therapy.

- I'm grateful that I went to over 200 12-step meetings this year.

- I'm grateful that two of my dearest friends saw their excommunicated husbands rebaptized.

- I'm grateful my husband found people to share his intimate feelings with, when I was incapable of hearing them.

- I'm grateful I can say masturbate without throwing up in my mouth.

- I'm grateful for 83 days of sobriety.

- I'm grateful for spending weekends with strangers and burning lingerie.


I know the holidays can be really difficult so I'm shooting rays of love-beams out my virtual fingertips for you.  Breaking routine is often a big trigger for Pete, which means a history of relapses around the holidays.  And of course family...

I hope your Thanksgiving brings you some level of gratitude and joy.



  1. I am grateful for this hilarious post today! I say put it all in the glass pumpkin!!! The reactions would be priceless!
    - Duckie

  2. Sometimes we all just need a good laugh. I loved this. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love your gratitude list, Jane! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Im so happy for you. May the days of sobriety keep pilling up!!

  5. Awesome post! I think you two are amazing. And 200 meetings??? That is impressive. Time consuming but necessary.

  6. Burning lingerie!!! That's me, the lingerie burner!! Woo! Fire! Fire! Love this! Love you. Miss you!