23 May 2013

Keeping my chin up

This morning I went to the UPS store and picked up my first tangible copy of the Healing Through Christ manual. I had emailed it to the store and they printed and bound it for me.  I was so excited.  It cost $17.95 to have it done in black and white.  (The really nice man at my local UPS store saw the subject matter of the manual and put it in a white cover and white back cover. So I now have my own "white book." We both laughed about that. I guess he is familiar with the white book or he was indulging my addiction humor.)

Then, hours later, I got an email saying the manual is now available on ebay through a wholesale printer.  For $11.95 + $5.95 [expedited] shipping and handling.  So almost exactly the same price, but as far as I can tell this one is in color and nicer.  I'm so happy it's available for print I don't really care that mine is black and white! I'm ordering a copy for my bishop and stake president.

Anyway- get your copy here:

The second thing that made my day was this little video.  That's FHE on Monday right there people. 


10 Reasons You Should Go Watch That Video:

1- Adorable animation
2- Age appropriate discussion on pornography
3- Delightful cartoon facial expressions
4- Realistic and relatable characters
5- Riveting plot :)
6- Adorable animation
7- Brief but adequate
8- Fun and heartwarming music
9- Non-shame based parental response
10- Heartwarming message

Go! Now! Watch!


  1. Love the FHE lesson... Thanks!!!!!

  2. that's awesome! we watched it at dinner. I paused it while they were walking home and we talked about all of the emotions they may be feeling and why. It was great! thanks for sharing!

    And I love that we can order manuals!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing that video. For some reason it made me cry.


    1. Just about everything makes me cry these days. :) But I totally understand, in fact I usually know something has value when it elicits an emotional response in me like that little video did.