15 April 2013

Use Your Voice


The FCC is considering a policy change that would relax it's enforcement of "female frontal nudity" on network television. 

While I feel strongly that it is my responsibility to moderate my children's tv exposure and I am obligated as a parent to be aware and involved in their tv viewing, I am concernced for the millions of children whose parents aren't fulfilling that responsibility, and for the times when what my children see on network tv is simply out of my control.  Heaven knows I don't want to see a generation of sex addicts who began as innocent kids bombarded with unsolicited images of women's breasts.  (#feartactic, #fallaciousargument, #idon'tcare)

Anyway, the FCC is taking public opinion through the end of the month.  Submit your complaint here or read more about it here.


  1. Thank you for getting this info out. This would be horrible if it goes through. I sent my comment.

  2. Thank you! I will be sure to comment.

    I am so glad we got rid of our cable. Yikes!!

  3. Am I stupid?! I couldn't figure out exactly how to leave a comment!?!

  4. I saw this mentioned on facebook and left a comment using the information on this website http://action.afa.net/item.aspx?id=2147534194 Thanks for spreading the message. This kind of thing scares me too! P.S. MM- you are anything but stupid!

  5. Thank you for posting this...left my comment.

  6. left my comment and shared the 'read about it' link on FB.