03 April 2013


Warning: Impulsive and explicit material.  Don't be suprised if this post is gone tomorrow when I regain my senses.

They're building a breastaurant in a city nearby me.  I want to sit outside at the construction site and chat with the women applying for positions.  I would say

"Hey.  I know you are smart, kind or funny. I bet you are sensitve, strong or clever. You are not just a pair of boobs or a sexy body whose purpose is sexual stimulation.  Do you really want to serve beers and erections for your livelihood?

Maybe you're just like me.  Maybe you look for validation at every turn.  You feel like your beautiful body, your God-given (or surgically enhanced) breasts feel like your best quality.  But they are not.  Let's go to lunch.  Let's talk about what we really are.  Let's talk about our femininity and our insecurities.  Let's talk about what we have to offer the world, and the men in our lives, besides just a vagina.

But don't let them reduce you to an object.  Don't let them perpetuate the myth that you are only as valuable as your bra size. Don't let them use you and don't check the best parts of you at the door."


  1. Ha! I love it! I'll go stand outside with you and hand out flyers!

  2. It is really sad actually. Sad because I don't even think "I" really started understanding that I am more than that until recently. And I'm not even out exposing myself in that way (nor would I ever be given a job there based on my bra size). Those restaurants are just sad to me - for both the employees and the clients. Sometimes this world is discouraging. So many people out there so completely confused.

  3. I have never heard the term "breastuarant" before and it's kind of cracking me up.

  4. I just love you, Jane. Don't take it down tomorrow. You rock! And A-freakin'-MEN! :)

  5. We have one and I hate it. Everytime we drive by it I curse. You are amazing Jane! Keep this post up:)

  6. Sometimes it just needs to be said just like it is. I think you said it very well.

  7. I, too, feel the agony of your post. I feel sorry for those women who don't have a clue. And I'm feeling sorry for myself, for how I got a clue. But in the long run I'm glad I took the "red pill." Please keep this post up!

    1. Well I'm sorry but my name is linked to an empty spot in my WordPress account. My actual blog is ComingUpFromtheWilderness.com

  8. I feel bad for them and yet hate them at the same tine :/ How's that for honesty....

  9. I have never heard that term haha! Seriously...I agree with Desirae :)