14 December 2012

My Girl Jacy

I carry a little bit of Jacy with me everywhere I go.  A gift from her (and Scabs), I keep it on my keychain. 

I know I've talked about Jacy before, how she was the first person I reached out to online in my lonely desperation, and how she reached right back.

Jacy is determined to use her difficult experiences to make her better and not bitter.  And she'd do anything to help anyone do the same.  Her honesty is refreshing and her love and acceptance for all is contagious.

Circumstances in her life are making it so that her blog won't be around much longer.  Head over and send your love and thanks, and see how we can all still keep in touch.

Thanks Jacy. Love you girl!


  1. we must have been thinking the same thing. :)

  2. Haha, sorry that comment above mine is just ridiculous. Anyway, you are so sweet for doing this for Jacy! She is so inspiring!

  3. I love you Jane!!!! I love you lots!!! Thank you.... ;)