17 December 2012

An Early Christmas Gift

Hey WOPA friends! Great news!

A new website, with a downloadable version of our awesome new 12-step manual for loved ones of addicts.



I haven't had much time to look over the website or to see how different the new manual is from the pilot ones we've had in the past, but I couldn't bear to keep this secret a second longer.  (You're welcome.)

Let me know what you think!


** POST EDIT: There is some question about the source of this manual, but as far as I'm concerned USE IT. It's awesome. 


  1. It's simply fantastic. The manual has a lot of information (it's even more thorough than the longest pilot versions were), current quotes from our latest General Conference, more thorough information and help regarding addiction, emotional impact, etc. woven through both the steps and the appendices, and more. So much time and prayer and love has gone into this book!

    But I think it's important to note that this is different from the one that LDS Family Services is working on. ...so soon, I think, there will be more resources for people to use. Yay!

    Be sure to read the personal stories on the website of Healing through Christ to see how working the steps with the manual has helped many people. (LDSAR also has a growing library of stories of people who have struggled with addiction (their own or that of a loved one. Again, so great to have a growing library of resources out there!)

  2. (Or, at least I should say that is my understanding, i.e., that Family Services is coming out with a new manual. Healing through Christ is not affiliated with LDSFS or the Church. It's its own organization, so that is what I was trying to clarify. I think because some of the material was used in a pilot for a time, people might get confused about that.)

  3. Just going through your older pages. Really happy I found this blog!