25 September 2012


Just some administrative stuff here...

I use blogger because I've always used blogger and it's familiar to me.  But not too long ago (I don't think) they started putting ad banners at the top of the screen.  The ads are based on the blog content, which for me means ads targeting pornography users. 

Talk about a punch in the gut.  The last thing I want to look at while I'm writing about the anguish of sexual addiction is advertisements of woman with un-human sized breasts with enticing language and invitations. The last one said

*warning* these girls will pursue you

GIRLS?! Seriously, it makes me want to throw up. 

So what do I do?

Are you seeing these ads when you read the blog?



  1. What?!?! Come on google! I love google, but seriously?!

    Luckily I have never noticed those ads while reading your blog, nor have I noticed them when I write a post.

    PS, I love your posts. Thank you SO much for sharing!

    1. Nope, just like MM, I have never seen such a thing while reading your blog or while I write a post. And thank you - for all you share !

  2. I haven't see any ads! If I did I would be mortified! That ticks me off!!

    The thing that makes me even madder, is the news sites. My husband called me today and told me a co-worker had sent him an article from Fox news about Obama and Romney. He said after the article he looked for more news and there was a picture of a Sports Illustrated swim suit model. He said he quickly logged off of the site.

    I sure hope he did. I was curious to see how bad it was and didn't see a picture. What I saw was a picture of a woman with oversized breast in a lacy bra and the article was about porn apps.

    I thought for real? Now they have porn apps... This world makes me sick!!!

  3. FWIW, I don't see them.

    Are you signed into "My Google"? I wonder if that is one of the 'extra bonuses' perhaps of something like that?

    Porn is the norm these days, in a way that feels almost to accelerate daily. Many news stories I've seen today have been involving either this kind of normalizing of sex or its effects (sexual abuse, crimes, etc).

    It's crazy.

  4. (The reason I ask about 'My Google' (I think that is what it is called) is because I keep getting asked to join it and I don't (because I'm lazy, not because I'm' trying to make any statement or know anything about it), and I wonder if maybe this is what comes with it -- more 'personalized' ads?)

    I just wonder if there is a variable like that in the mix.

  5. Jane i am very glad that you don't have ads like that!!! aye. I hate this industry. i hate everything about it. I would hate to blacklist your blog because i like to read it every now and then. You lay it down well.

    And have Pete post some thoughts every now and then. I like to know how the husbands are doing. I am so glad that the women out there are taking a stand to this and getting the healing they need. I want to see more men take a stand too. Sometimes it seems there is nothing we can do...except get rid of every electronic device, cable, TV, smart phone. Sadly, i have to use the internet. Cursed garbage out there.

    1. I wish I could make Pete post on his blog, but that would be codependent of me. :)

  6. I'm so glad the ads aren't an issue for anyone else. Hopefully I can come up with a reasonable solution to spare myself the trauma.

  7. Put your blog over on WordPress. No banners, and you have the option to buy your domain. www.hisstrugglemystruggle.com

    Seems like their are more tools and nicer themes also. Just an option. BTW, my wife and I love your blog...

    1. I think I will look into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

      And thanks for the BTW. It is always nice to know someone is reading.

  8. Another good thing is the use of adblocker. A lot of them are free, you just need one that suits your browser...I use adblock plus extension for chrome, I think they make it for firefox too. You can even control the level of the ads you want to see on different pages, for instance if you like ads otherwise, you could block only the top banner on blogspot. I'm not seeing any ads while reading your blog, but I'm not sure if it's only because I use this extension;)