14 March 2012


Faith does not come easily for me, I have to work at it.   There are so many things to doubt. And even harder still is patience.  Even after I am able to say "Okay, God can take care of this."  I still want to say, "But He needs to take care of it right now."

For awhile I was seeing this quote all over Pinterest. 

I overlooked it for a long time.  Then lately I've realized that I was probably overlooking it because I didn't want it to be that way.

Once I decided to let God heal Pete, I decided I wanted it done right away, I wanted immediate results, closure, I wanted to move on.  Then I learned a bit more about it, and I realized it wasn't going to work that way, and even if God was ready to take this temptation from Pete, it was up to Pete to let him.

Now I am ready to have my own shortcomings taken away.  I truly desire to change, so why isn't it happening? Why am I still getting annoyed with people? Why do I still have issues with intimacy? I am praying, I am aware, why isn't God fixing me? 

Last night at group meeting there was a quote that helped me change my perspective.  Again, from Elder Maxwell.

"Spiritual submissiveness is not accomplished in an instant, but by incremental improvements."

Sometimes it seems those incremental improvements are imperceptible.  (How's that for alliteration?)

Furthermore, I'm determined to have everyone else who suffers be healed in an instant.  Each time there is a new attendee at group meetings I want to shove my so-called wisdom down their throats so that they can go home with a changed heart, having made no effort on their own to discover these truths.  Someone finally had explain to me that I was being a little overwhelming. 

Pete pointed out that patience is often associated with faith in the scriptures, and that if we really believe that God is in control, we can patiently wait to see his hand. 

So I will be adding patience to my list of things I need to learn.  I just wish I'd hurry up and get it already. 


  1. HA! I loved this. Okay, I read that line "Someone finally had explain to me that I was being a little overwhelming." and realized that's why you and I get along so well. I'm exactly the same. I have to make a conscious effort in life to not dominate conversations. Too much stuff to say, not enough sitting back and listening. I'm learning to trust the Lord's timing as well. Slowly. We talked about Step 3 in our group meeting last night and they emphasized that it was about "deciding" to trust in the Lord and His timing. Not suddenly trusting it completely, but "deciding" since it is a process. Loved that.

    1. Yes Mac- EXACTLY! Too much to say to sit back and listen! :)

  2. Aha! "Faith is like a little seed!" Faith and patience. I don't know why I didn't ever put those together so clearly. This was a great post, so lovely, well written, and utterly adorable. (Sorry, no great-aunt-like cheek-pinching-ness intended.) You rock, Jane. Keep the wisdom coming. ;)

    1. I'm non-discriminatory in regard to flattery, I'll take it in any form.

  3. So glad to read this today... really ;)

  4. Sometimes I wonder...can this awful thing really be some incredible spiritual journey. As they say is SA,one day at a time, right? Today I plan to be kind to him because I see that i'm really talented at being mean to him. Wish me luck!

    It's nice to meet you Jane. I'm thankful that I'm not alone! Thanks for being there.

  5. Great post Jane,

    And, you know I can relate to the "shoving wisdom down people's throat"...I'm still learning to write shorter emails and comments. Let's see if I can stick to that here :)

    I was discussing patience with a dear fried last month, and one of the things that jumped out at us (and seems to be what you are suggesting), is that patience is much more than just waiting. It's not just a passive action, it is a state of being, it is listed in a series of Virtues that Peter (2 Pet 1) suggests we develop and "abound" in so that we will be neither "barren nor unfruitful" in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    In this same discussion we stumbled across this gem - James 1:2-4
    2 - My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into diverse temptations (I think our first response to this might be...are you kidding? You want me to have joy in this circumstance or this trial or this temptation? But you have to read on to understand why...)
    3 - Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience (that might sound a little anticlimactic, but these words come from the James the brother of Christ, perhaps his proximity to Christ taught him about pursuing the virtue of patience and it's ultimate consequence ...which follows in the next verse)
    4 - But let patience have her *perfect work*, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

    I think vs 4 speaks for itself, and I've learned it's truth (while also acknowledging I have much more to learn). It doesn't matter to me anymore whether a trial was heaven sent or simply the result of chance...I try to embrace them all as an opportunity to develop patience (and love and faith and every other good virtue), and let patience have her perfect work, that I may become perfect and entire (I've come to relate that to a sense of wholeness and completeness and unity with God - unity that comes through the development of virtues like patience), wanting nothing.

    Thanks for the great post, and the tolerating of my shoving down your throat of whatever wisdom I might have :)

    1. Thanks Danny. I think when we are ready to learn we don't mind having wisdom shoved down our throats. In fact, I feel like I'm a sponge for insights at this point in my life. Thank you for sharing those verses. It gives me more to ponder on this subject of patience.

  6. Also, thanks Jane for some great comments on the post the other day, you and Mac and others were great! I loved the wisdom you shared and the way you did it, with complete respect for others and differing opinions. Mara and I are grateful to be in association with you and to have your support. Know that support is returned in kind.

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