18 June 2013

Camp Scabs Idaho


Okay potato people!

Scabs has asked me to help host the Idaho installment in her Camp Scabs series. If you aren't familiar with what Camp Scabs is, go here. But it is basically a safe retreat for women affected by the betrayal of porn, sexual addiction or infidelity. We validate, commiserate, relate and we don't sleep, because we can't stop talking.

If you need to sleep, that's okay, come anyway.

Sooooo... anyone is welcome to come, even if you don't live in Idaho. We are just trying to get an idea of how many sistas to expect. So please fill out the survey below and shoot me an email and we will keep you in the loop.

(**For more specific questions about cost, anonymity, length, etc please read through either of the links above.)

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  1. So I took the survey for Sister Scabs already. But I have to tell you that I really just want to come to ID to hang out with you. *sigh* stalker? maybe.

    1. Ooooh, Buffalo Gal - would you drive up with me if I decided to go??

    2. I would drive with you gals too!

      Katie from Addo

    3. I would love to carpool also. (But, I never made it to the Addo meetings. :( It was a bad time of day for me to come from Salt Lake county.) Anyway, I emailed Buffalo Gal and HX--so you've got my email.

  2. everyone come! it will be the best time!!!

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