23 October 2011

press forward

We met again with the stake president and it was another great experience.  I really felt the spirit and I could tell that Pete felt humble and willing to do whatever the stake president had decided.  He extended the calling as elder's quorum president to Pete, and he accepted. 

During the nearly two weeks that this process took place I prayed and prayed for humility.  I've realized my attitude about callings has been so misguided in the past.  A calling is no indication of righteousness.  Of course there is worthiness involved, but God has plans for his children that are deeply personal and individual and forming general opinions of people based on the way they serve in the church is unfair and just plain off-base.  Pete and I were both so taken back by this turn of events, but at the same time there were conversations, events and feelings that made us both realize God is aware of us. 

With the encouragement of the stake president, my husband agreed to attend the 12-Step group meetings.  A group for the spouse meets at the same time and I plan to attend that as well.  We are both apprehensive, but hopeful.  The last few days since our meeting with the stake president I have felt like perhaps this is a turning point for us. 

While it is tempting to think that this is the end of Pete's struggle, I resist the urge to do so.  I feel more like it is another beginning.  The road ahead is still long, but I am praying for fewer obstacles and bumps than the road behind that we have travelled to get here.


  1. this is AMAZING. i am beyond happy for you and completely agree. Heavenly Father is OH SO aware of us all and our individual needs. Recovery meetings have been a great blessing in my life. I hope you find good friends as I have. All the best!

  2. The group meetings for my husband help so much. I do look forward to joining a group meeting for the wives. It's not the end or the cure, but it makes our journey so much easier.