09 July 2014

Dear C-

WHOA! Two months.  What happened to me?

Well, we moved to another country.  It's been too many things to begin to describe it, but it's a net positive.

I'd like to come back and write again, I am still working out my internet and a million other details of my life, but in the meantime I just wanted to respond to an email I received three days ago.  I tried to reply and the email was returned, the address no longer exists.

So Dear C-

If you are reading, I would love to be your friend.  I understand how heavy of a burden this secret can be.  I haven't even told my own parents because sometimes I want to and sometimes I don't. Hang in there.



  1. Dear C, Jane is the best kind of friend. You are safe with her.

  2. I just left you an email! What a great friend you already are! So, happy to have ONE person in my corner who can relate! Cheers to that!

    Thank you Eat My Scabs!!

    Look forward to new friends with new insight who understand what I have been going through!